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Join Our Beta Program Where All Production Costs Are Covered In Exchange For Your Feedback

Generate more business in your local area -- without tons of cash -- even if you don't have a video production and editing crew to produce an online commercial. We'll cover all production costs and upgrade your feature to premium. All we'll ask in return for covering the costs, is your feedback and pay it forward by letting us know who else to invite to this beta program (only small businesses that offer great service to their customers).


Claim Your FREE Lifetime Account

Create your free account and access all the tools and training you need to grow your business, from building websites and sales funnels to email marketing and landing pages for special offers. Plus, always be on the cutting edge with the growing platform. Works great for any type of business.


Crushing The Competition With More Google Reviews

The game of marketing has changed to favor reputable companies with 5-star reviews on Google. And consumers disregard reviews older than 3 months, so you always need fresh reviews. 

When you focus marketing efforts on acquiring more positive reviews, you can grow your business without spending more money on expenses like paid ads and content creation. 

If you're interested in a "Done for You" review engine mentioned at the end of the guide, just email [email protected] -- make asking for customer feedback a standard operating procedure and then use it to market your business on your website and social media.


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5 Tips For Responding To Negative Reviews and A Simple Copy & Paste Formula Reference Sheet

Overcome not knowing how to respond to the next online review your business gets. Here is a simple formula that you can save for future reference so you're never be at a loss for words again. Your future customers will value that you took the time to respond with a 5-star owner response. (Look for the red arrow and get the Google Sheet)


Build and Manage Your 5-Star Reputation Online

More than 90% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations...and the majority say they're willing to pay up to 15% more for the same product or service if they are assured they'll have a better experience. Never underestimate the power of your reputation for providing a great customer experience. 


Small Business Guide To Social Media

Everything you ever needed to know about ensuring that your business looks active, alive, and open for business online for better lead and customer generation.

If you're interested in a "Done for You" engagement engine mentioned at the end of the guide, just email [email protected] -- supplement your content plan with fun and engaging content so your posting cadence is frequent and consistent.

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